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Why have a web site?

St Mary's in a snow storm
St Mary's in a snow storm

Communication! For a small village there we have a lot of clubs, groups and societies that can benefit from having a web site. The villagers can use it as a means to seek information as well as simply being kept up to date on recent or upcoming events.

How can I change or add pages?

This site is a wiki, that means you can edit it in your web browser. You don't need any special skills to do it. All you have to do is ask Paul Mooney or Neil Marshman for a login and they'll email you the details. The only reason you have to ask for a login is so vandals cannot deface our web site and we have a record of who updates it.

Please remember that all changes you make are logged and the history of changes can be viewed by anyone in an open Big Brother kind of way - even deleted changes leave a record and an audit trail. All we ask is that you have respect for others who will read and change this site. Enjoy the site and help it be a useful tool.