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Old Grendonians CC (Social Side):

In 2010 two regulars of the Half Moon (Marcus Green and Nick Roberts) sampled one too many of the landlord’s best ales and decided to challenge our local rivals Castle Ashby to a game of cricket. Their judgement had obviously been somewhat impaired, as Castle Ashby has a proper team, whereas the founders had no kit, no pitch and at that stage no players! However out of the chaos that followed the Old Grendonians Cricket Club was born. We now play Castle Ashby for the coveted Ashes Cup every year and in the lead up to this game have a few “warm up” matches.

Given the clubs traditional beginnings it upholds traditional cricket values ie the emphasis is on social cricket, it’s open to all past and present residents of the village, no age limit (current age ranges from 10 – late 60’s), all standards welcome - indeed the 2011 season was in fact most players first ever season.

We do hold indoor net sessions at Northants County Ground (NN1 4PR) during the winter months. This might sound serious but I can assure you it is not, as the only serious part is the compulsory drink in the Half Moon afterwards.

The squad is as follows:

N Roberts, M Green, P Dawes; B Nixon, M Comery; S Paterson; A Burton; A Kilburn; K Maddocks; J Drury; C Moffat; I Denton; A Rush; M Smith; T Vincent; M Howell; S Howell; L Butcher; N Blacklee; Gary; R Collins; K Birro; J Ross; R Williams; H Ross, JJ Alms, J Richfield, K Dee.

Holder of The Ashes Cup 2012:

Castle Ashby CC


Please contact Nick Roberts (; 07980237407).

Grendon & Primms CC (League Cricket)

In 2005, the Grendon team at the time merged with the Prims CC to form the Grendon and Prims CC. The Grendon and Prims CC maintain the pitch at Grendon and offers a more competitive option for those who want to play league cricket. That said, this is a very friendly club and again they are always looking for new members young or old, particularly residents from the village, as the majority of the team live outside the village.

They run two Saturday sides, with the first XI being in division 4 of the Northamptonshire Cricket League and the second XI being in division 12.

Winter training will be starting on Sunday 6th January 2014 held at Moulton Sports Hall, Moulton Sports Complex, Moulton, Northampton, NN3 7SD. We are offering training with qualified coaches for juniors aged 6 upwards. This opportunity is open to both boys and girls. There will also be an opportunity for any adults wishing to get back into the game or just give something new a go to train with our seniors at the same time, with a view to joining the senior team in league matches next season.

We are also looking for assistant coaches to join our growing coaching team. No qualifications are required to apply for a position although a good understanding of the game is essential.

For further information on sessions, to book your place or to apply for a coaching position please contact Lynsey on 07796266091 or

Alternatively visit their website and you can browse all the players stats that will keep you entertained for hours!

Grendon Sapphires

The local football team, Grendon Sapphires, has been in the village for many years and has gone from strength to strength. To find out more, go to their own page here on this site!

For more info about the club, please contact Colin Hodson.

Grendon Church Bellringers' Society

Bellringing in Grendon

The 5 bells at Grendon church had been silent for over 60 years, before as part of a millennium project, they were rehung in a new metal frame with a new ringing platform. As one of the bells was cracked and not repairable for ringing purposes, an entirely new bell was cast and also a second new bell was cast to give a ring of 6 bells. A team of ringers was recruited under our Tower Captain Martin Howell and it spent much of 1999 learning to ring bells at Bozeat before the new Grendon bells were installed and ready for ringing. They were commissioned by the Bishop of Peterborough at a special service on 7th November 1999.

The art of change ringing evolved in England in the early 17th century and is unique to England, although there are a few towers with bells hung for full circle change ringing in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and a few other countries, mainly Commonwealth and North America.

Here in Grendon we are lucky to have some very old bells, one is mid 16th century, three are 1613, one is 1761 and two are our new bells cast in 1999 at Taylors of Loughborough. A number of villagers, both ringers and non ringers went to the foundry to witness the casting of the new bells and to see the old bells being refurbished. Those of you reading this and counting the bells above will see that there are in fact seven bells listed. One of the 1613 bells is the one that was cracked and unsuitable for change ringing. This has been hung in the old wooden bell frame and is now used as a clock chime.

The initial team of about 12 ringers has slowly reduced as people have moved away and although we have recruited some new members we are now reduced to 8 regular ringers. With this low number we are finding it more difficult to ensure 6 ringers for Sunday services and also for our regular Tuesday practices.

In order to continue to have enough ringers for Sunday services and regular practise we always welcome anybody who would like to learn this traditional art, or even ex ringers who feel the urge to prove they have not lost their expertise. There is no age limit either young or old, but of course any youngster wishing to ring must be capable of reaching the bell rope and controlling the bell, usually from 10 - 12 years upwards.

Bellringing is an art in itself and many ringers ring just for the pleasure and social side, it is not limited to regular church goers. We practise every Tuesday between 7.30 – 9.00pm and ring for half an hour before Sunday services and any additional services as required. If your are interested you are welcome to attend our Tuesday practise nights to see if it is for you, or contact any of the ringers below for more details:

For more details about bells and local ringing see The Wellingborough Branch of the Peterborough Guild

  • Martin Howell 01933 664038 Tower Captain
  • Don Green 01933 663850 Assistant Tower Captain

Half Crown Share Club

A lively bunch of eccentrics who meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 pm in the Half Moon for some food, followed by the meeting at 8. Established in 1997, the Club has an impressive track record of buying high and selling low. We are also quite bad at Skittles!


Former members

  • Brian Pollard (Deceased)
  • Stuart Rons - now in Scotland or on the run somewhere!
  • Dave Oddwell - living in London we believe
  • Bill Morgan

Bois-Bernard (France) - twinning

For a number of years the village has been twinned with Bois-Bernard in the Pas de Calais in northern France. The twinning team is lead by Ken Hammond ( Alternate years villagers travel to France to stay with a local family and the next year it is reversed. This year for the first time, the Roberts family joined the team to France. We were lucky with the weather the worst of which which held off for the duration of our trip - somewhat better than at home!

The latest twinning visit took place over the bank holiday weekend 25-28 May 2007.

A Yorks coach picked us up from the village at 6.30 am and drove us to Bois Bernard via the Eurotunnel. In the evening we were, as usual lavishly entertained and fed with a civic reception. The Sunday was spent with our twinning families and we left for home at 9.30am Monday morning. We had a shoppoing stop at a supermache and a few hours wandering in Boulogne. We arrived back in Grendon, tired but happy shortly after 10pm.