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Contacting the Parish Council


This is our email address: *


  • Parish Clerk - Deborah Rush - 01933 663918

What is the Parish Council?

The Parish is the most ancient form of local government found in Europe. In England it has been used for various civil purposes since the eighth century. What we now know as "Parish Councils" were established in 1894 and their role and powers substantially were then revised in 1974. Currently there are over 8,650 parish and community councils in England and Wales.

The role of the Parish Council is to act as a mouthpiece and expression of local opinion. Other authorities may, and in the case of planning must, consult the parish who are the layer of government closest to the electors and represent their local interests. The most immediate concerns of the council are to provide a safe and pleasant local environment and promote community identity.

So what does the Parish Council actually do? The sort of functions it has include the following:

  • Maintain and improve the village environment and develop forward plans for improvements in consultation with residents through surveys and parish action plans.
  • Provide play areas for children and meeting/leisure facilities for village youth.
  • Liaise with and support the Sports Association to provide sports facilities for the village.
  • Support local community groups giving support and assistance to the elderly and other groups, including social and educational activities.
  • Work with the police and other bodies through the Community Safety Partnership to safeguard the village from crime and disorder.
  • Provide pocket parks and open spaces for recreational enjoyment in the open air.

Other powers

Listed below are some of the powers given in law to the Parish Council - not all of which are applicable or appropriate in a small village like Grendon:

  • Provision of cycle parks
  • Power to compuslorily purchase land to provide land for a cemetary
  • Provide and maintain bus shelters (Local Government [Miscellaneous Provisions] Act 1953)
  • Provide allotments if there is unsatisfied demand (Smallholding and Allotments Act 1908)
  • Provide public clocks
  • Power to deal with offensive ditches
  • Power to promote local lotteries
  • Power to install park benches
  • Power to maintain verges and plant trees
  • Provison of baths and washhouses for the public
  • Provision of a launderette, toilets, playing fields, holiday camps and gymnasia
  • Installation of public seating

The Parish Council also has the power to:

  • Declare a skateboarding exclusion zone
  • Forbid fishing from the promenade if anglers block the path of strollers
  • Impose a ban on the riding of horses in inappropriate places.

Financial information

Details of our finances can be found here:

Annual Return 2015

End of Year Accounts 31.3.15

Expenditure list over £100 ye 31.3.15

Asset register March 2015

Annual Return 2016

End of Year Accounts 31.3.16

Expenditure £100 & over ye 31.3.16

Asset register March 2016

Freedom of Information Act 2000

The Parish Council has adopted the model scheme for Parish Councils. The documents available to the public under the scheme are listed below, and details of how to obtain the documents and the costs involved can be found in the doucment below;

Council Internal Practice & procedure

  • Minutes of council, committee and sub- committee meetings - limited to the last 2 years.
  • Procedural Standing Orders
  • Council's annual report to Parish Meeting

Code of Conduct

  • Members' declaration of Acceptance of Office
  • Members' Register of Interests
  • Register of Members' Interests Book

Periodic Electoral Review

  • Information relating to the last Periodic Electoral Review of the council area.
  • Information relating to the latest boundary review of the council area

Employment Practice & Procedure

  • Terms & conditions of employment
  • Job descriptions

Planning Documents

  • Responses to planning applications

Audit & Accounts

  • Annual return form - limited to the last financial year
  • Annual Statutory report by auditor - limited to the last financial year
  • Receipt/payment books, receipt books of all kinds, bank statements from all accounts - limited to last financial year
  • Precept Request - limited to last financial year
  • Financial Standing orders & regulations
  • Assets Register
  • Risk Assessments

Council Members

Parish Council Elections.

The new Parish Council with effect from the 9th May 2016 is as follows:

Parish Clerk

Emergency Plan

Grendon Parish Council has developed an Emergency Plan to provide advice and guidance to the community both in advance of and during any significant emergency. The plan aims to mitigate the effects of any incident when the normal emergency response provided by the Emergency Services and the Local Authorities is delayed due to the scope and nature of the emergency

The plan will ensure that the community is kept informed both during and after an event.

In case of an emergency your first action should always be to contact the emergency services by dialling 999. You must then notify either Councillor Phil Dawes, Emergency Co-ordinator, on 667513 or Deborah Rush, Clerk, on 663918. The plan will subsequently be activated; the appropriate members of the community listed in the plan will be contacted and asked to meet at the agreed assembly point.

Parish Council Minutes

Forthcoming Parish Council meetings

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday 14th November 2016, 7.30pm, in the Village Hall, Main Road, Grendon, NN7 1JW